Tuesday, June 5, 2012

chopped off legs, busted booty, lame foot: fallin' apart over here.

Since I've discovered Instagram and PicMonkey (I am so behind the times!), I've had a lot of fun playing around with some pictures.

So at 9:15 last night, I asked my husband to take a couple outfit pictures.  He sweetly obliged...  and somehow we ended up with 10 or 15 pictures!  Most of them were pretty dorky (no, really...) so I picked my Top 3.

So this is what I looked like at 9:15 last night, after a long day at work, cooking dinner and cleaning the house.  If I look a little frazzled...  well, I was!  I cleaned and cooked from 4:30 PM until 9:15 PM when we took these pictures.  I hate it when the house isn't in order... I feel really flustered and it makes me grumpy.  I'm happy to announce that the house is looking much better, and we have clean laundry this morning!  Huzzah!

Also, my poor tailbone is really sore today.  I guess I pushed myself really hard last night while cleaning and cooking.  I think today I'll take it easy.

someone remind this girl about good posture... sheesh!

I realize that I cut my legs off in the bottom picture, but I couldn't figure out how to resize in PicMonkey.  Any tips?

And look!   There's Bella-Bug, my little cutie pie.  Awkward family photo, anyone? 

My outfit probably isn't very exciting! creative! blog-worthy! to most of you, but let's be real.  I'm excited that I matched and didn't have to iron on a Monday morning.  And notice my heeled sandals... definitely not my favorite, but since I'm limited on shoes I can wear, you gotta work what you've got.

Speaking of which... I have an appointment in a couple weeks to get my foot surgery scheduled.  Eep!  Definitely nervous because I remember the awful recovery, but I know it'll be such a relief to have it over with soon.  My heels and flats beckon me!  I hear them calling my name, begging to be worn again.  That, and I'd like to walk normally in shoes.  Now, won't that be nice?

In other news, my garden is starting to give off mini harvests!  Check this out!

We get that much broccoli several times a week.  We have lots of strawberries that are turning pink, so they'll be ready very soon.  They really pack a punch!  So concentrated, they make store-bought strawberries taste like water...  so good.  Also included is a handful of green beans and a tiny bell pepper.  It's good to pick often because it encourages the plant to produce more.  Like I said (I think!  I can't remember...), I lost a few plants due to all the hail storms we've been having, so I need to get those replanted quickly.

Squash, peppers, and tomatoes all coming soon!


  1. Girl, if you're behind the times, I am still in the dark ages! I've never even heard of PicMonkey!
    And you are brave, girl, for taking outfit pics after a long day of everything! Shoot, most of the times I immediately change into shorts and a tee after coming home from work!

    1. Well then I guess I don't feel so bad. I'll know I'm really moving up in the world when I start using a real camera instead of my iPhone! :) Maybe this summer!

      I normally would change into lounging clothes, but I knew if I changed then all I would do is LOUNGE. And there was so much to do!