Tuesday, March 12, 2013

daylight savings: not my thing


School + working full time + teaching + ministry duties + exercising + taking care of the house is really kicking my patootie.  I feel like I can't keep up with everything, so obviously the blog was the first to go.  HOWEVER!  Last weekend while grocery shopping I thought I lost my list (which contains the meal plan and actual grocery list) and there was lots of panic and drama.  I thought it might be a good idea to document the list and meal plan somewhere else, JIC.

And we just had Daylight Savings Time change.  NO!

If I can, I'll try to get back into blogging quick recipes.  And about my dogs, because they are my kids.  And my garden.  Who knows, like I said, I've got a lot going on...  This is all so exciting, hmmm?

Oh!  And the foot surgery was totally worth it.  Immediate recovery (first 2-3 weeks) were absolute torture (and I really mean that, not exaggerating!).  However, I am able to wear shoes and walk without my feet cramping up.  It's fabulous!

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

3-15-13 Friday night:  Going downtown with my Uz to walk around, enjoy the weather (a high of 80 degrees!  YES!), and eat some tasty hot dogs.  I plan to get the "Lindsay" dog.  I named it after myself.  Did you know my name?  Now you do.  Basically, it's a hot dog (or brat!) with chili, fritos, cheese, and onions...  a "Frito Pie Dog".

Saturday Lunch:  scrounge around, eat something in the freezer/pantry.  I am planting my spring veggies so it'll be whatever is fast.
Saturday Dinner:  Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini Boats (LINK)

Sunday Lunch:  baked red potatoes with corn/black bean salsa and pork carnitas (LINK), topped with argulua and fresh salsa.
Sunday Dinner:  Both CookingLight:  Baked Pita Chips (LINK) with a Creamy Garbanzo Dip with Sun-Dried Tomatoes (LINK).  Uz the Hubs will probably get some chicken strips to go with his, the little meat-eater!

Monday:  CookingLight Maple-Soy boneless skinless chicken thighs (LINK), stir-fried green beans (or asparagus), and a baked potato or skillet potatoes for Uz.

Tuesday:  TOSTADA NIGHT!  Baked whole wheat tostadas with crockpot pinto beans (LINK) and topped with leftover pork carnitas, leftover corn/black bean salsa, and arugula.  Also, roasted asparagus (or green beans).

Wednesday:  CookingLight Stir-Fried Shrimp with Spicy Orange sauce (LINK), stir-fried broccoli, brown/red rice mix.

Thursday:  leftovers or PB/fruit wraps (LINK)

One small-ish change that I've made to my/our diets:  we're on a reduced-sugar, reduced-white flour diet.  I can't say no-sugar, no-white flour because it's not true.  The main difference is that we are deliberately choosing when to say yes to sugar/white flour, and even white rice.  Our snacks have gone from Fiber1 Brownies, yogurts full of artificial sweeteners, "healthy" cookies/breads to trail mix (nuts and dried fruit), dried apricots, yogurts with real sugar/no artificial sweeteners (check it out! Wallaby yogurts LINK), fresh fruit and veggies, nut butter, whole wheat veggie/no sugar muffins.  Sadly, this means less yummy desserts like cake, cookies, and brownies.  Friday night is kind of my "cheat meal"...  hence, hot dog night!

So, sit back and enjoy the ride.  I'm warning you:  it might be short.

my current life:  studying.  at least I have two cute little study buddies!

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