Friday, January 4, 2013

first meal plan of 2013

And here it is, the first meal plan of 2013!  I know this is probably more exciting than you can handle, but try to hold your applause until the end.

Thank you!

Friday 1-4-2013:  eating out!  <3  no dirty dishes, what fantastic news!

Saturday 1-5-2013 LUNCH:  meh, leftovers or something thrown together.  I'll be grocery shopping and prepping food stuffs and Uz will be rebuilding our fence that blew down in some crazy winds a couple weeks ago.
Saturday 1-5-2013 DINNER:  chicken enchiladas with latin rice (in the freezer), sauteed broccoli.

Sunday 1-6-2013 LUNCH:  spaghetti at my parents' house!  I'm in charge of bringing a salad.  Don't get too excited, y'all.
Sunday 1-6-2013 DINNER:  leftovers or something from the pantry/freezer.

Monday 1-7-2013:  chicken sofrito with rice, roasted sweet potato wedges.

Tuesday 1-8-2013:  chicken soup with cornmeal dumplings and veggies.

Wednesday 1-9-2013:  shrimp jambalaya.

Thursday 1-10-2013:  pan-cooked pork chops, salad, baked apples with topping.

Friday 1-11-2013:  probably out to eat! 

Snacks:  lightened blueberry cheesecake frozen bites, mixed unsalted nuts, yogurts (greek and regular), cheese sticks, fresh fruit, peanut butter (oh yum!), deli meat and cheese.

I also plan on making some shredded chicken and chicken broth in the crockpot next week.  One whole chicken will give approx. 24 oz shredded chicken meat and 10 cups of broth.  Making my own chicken broth (and freezing it) and shredded chicken from a whole bird is just one way that I'm trying to cut back in 2013:  The Year of Rice and Beans.

The past few grocery shops I have stayed under budget (or right at it!).  I hope that this week I can do the same!

Grocery List:

cheese sticks
regular and greek yogurts (coupon, on sale)
1/3 fat cream cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
egg whites
frozen peas
chicken nuggets (coupon)
2 c. 95% Cool Whip
2 bags or 1 big box mixed lettuce
green pepper (on sale)
1 bunch broccoli
1 oz baby spinach
2 green onion bunches
baby carrots (on sale)
berries (on sale)
pineapple (on sale)
3 tomatoes
1 avocado (on sale)
2 c. blueberries (on sale)
fresh salsa from the Sprouts fresh bar
a few onions
whole chicken (on sale)
8 chicken thighs
deli meat
6 boneless center cut pork chops
english muffins
mixed nuts, bulk (on sale)
rice (?)
vitamins (on sale)
Greenworks kitchen compost wipes

So, uh, I think it's safe to say that my grocery cart will be full.  However, the majority of our groceries are produce and typically that doesn't add up the bill like non-produce items.  I guess we'll see!

Here's to The Year of Rice and Beans!  Huzzah!

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