Monday, August 20, 2012

mental break

Life has been crazy-busy.  It will continue to be crazy-busy.  I don't have a free/open weekend until after my foot surgery in mid-October!

I've got a lot going on this week, especially.  Uz and I need to clean out the guest bedroom so a good friend of mine can crash there this weekend.  It's currently so filled with boxes/junk, that you can't even wade through it.  There's a small path in the midst of the destruction that leads to the ironing board.  A few times a week, Uz will make his way through and iron some clothes for us.  Occasionally I'll try to get to the closet where I store all my bags and scarves.  But, that's all gotta go...  A girl has to have a place to sleep in there!  I imagine it will take us a few hours to get it completely set up.  It's something I've been meaning to do, but just haven't, for whatever reason.  Mostly because I'm already busy and I'd rather get an extra hour or two of sleep than organize that room.

But whatever.  It's gotta get done.

Uz and I have a first anniversary photo shoot scheduled for this Saturday.  My birthday is this weekend.  I have to clean the house, including the dreaded kitchen floors.  I have to make time to do cardio intervals for 45 minutes, 3 nights this week.

So tonight...  I'm going to bake.  It's my birthday week, and I'm mentally stressed.  So I'm taking a mental break, and baking.  Something about baking just relaxes me...  and it's a great excuse to use my standing mixer.

So, for tonight, I plan on making some zucchini-pineapple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and some banana-chocolate marble bread.  Oh, and I'm whipping up a batch of Kickin' Green Chili and some mini cornbread muffins, for my guy.  That man loves him some cornbread.  I'm going to do 3.5 miles of cardio intervals tonight.  And, I'm going to clean the kitchen, clean out the fridge, and hang up the laundry from this weekend.  Uz is going to be working with our friend that came over last week to apply a second coat of plaster to the wall.

Am I crazy?  Probably.  Absolutely.

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