Saturday, July 7, 2012

meal plan: weeks of 7-1-2012 and 7-8-2012

I missed last week's meal plan, so I'm just going to include it in this post and make it a double whammy.

Week of 7-1-2012

Sunday evening:  Turkey, pesto, provolone, ciabatta sandwiches, broiled in the oven.

Monday:  Asian Orange Glazed Drumsticks, baked brown rice and peas

Tuesday:  out to Pepe's!

Wednesday:  grilling out with friends and family, so who really knows?

Thursday:  Skinnytaste baked chicken strips, bruschetta salad, fruit, maybe broccoli (since it's coming out of my ears!)

Friday:  playing it by ear

Saturday:  Veggie pizza, Sunflower Market hot wings, salad

Week of 7-8-2012

Sunday lunch:  Cafe 7
Sunday evening:  Broiled all beef hot dogs, Skinnytaste macaroni and cheese and broccoli casserole (prepared beforehand)

Monday:  Skinnytaste Crockpot Pork Carnitas (this is an OMG! recipe) tacos with fresh toppings, fruit salad, chips and homemade garden salsa

Tuesday:  Verde pork enchiladas (from the carnitas leftovers), latin rice, watermelon

Wednesday:  Skinnytaste Spaghetti and Meatball soup, salad, broiled ciabatta bread

Thursday:  if there's still pork leftover, I'll make pork and bean burritos with fajita veggies.  If there's not, I'll do grilled chicken fajitas with veggies and black beans.

Friday breakfast:  Crescent Roll Breakfast Ring (every Friday, the guys that Uz works with take turns bringing breakfast...  it's his turn!)
Friday:  probably out, depends on how much cash we have left at the end of the week!  :)

Snacks:  Healthy Chocolate PB Fudge, baggies of pan-popped popcorn

Grocery List

Food Items:
3 cartons of eggs ($1.99 each at Sunflower)
yogurts ($0.69 each, plus coupon)
queso fresco
cheddar cheese to shred
Colby/Monterey Jack cheese to shred
black olives
crushed pineapple
4 oz Hatch green chiles
romaine hearts
3 avocados (3/$1 at Sunflower)
mushrooms ($0.79/8 oz at Aldi)
watermelon (4 lbs/$1 at Sunflower)
peaches, pit fruit (2 lbs/$3 at Sunflower)
blueberries, raspberries ($4/2 6 oz pkgs)
bananas, plus one ripe
2.5 lb boneless pork shoulder blade roast ($2.99/lb at Sunflower)
chicken tenders ($1.99/lb at Sunflower)
maybe some ground beef ($3.99/lb at Sunflower)
breakfast turkey sausage 
english muffins
granola ($1.99/lb at Sunflower)
2 verde enchilada sauces
corn tortillas
tortilla chips
candy for piano students
extra crescent rolls, just in case 

Non-food items:
hairspray (coupon)
shower cap
Uz's nose strips
moisturizer with SPF (coupon)
TP (coupon)
deodorant (coupon)
bones for Bella

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