Friday, July 6, 2012

fishing is hard work!

On the Fourth of July, my husband and I got together with my immediate family and we all went fishing at a little pond!  I thought I'd share some pictures of our adventure...  Please don't mind our grungy look.
the view of the pond
the boys immediately had to check out the dock
no sunburn for me!
Bella wanted to check everything out, of course... nosy little diva.

The little dogs especially had a good time!  Truffles, my mom's puppy, was scared of the fish and barked at the water every time we'd reel in our lines.  Bella, on the other hand, thought the fish was a toy or food and tried to snatch it up!  Maybe Truf will get braver as she gets a little older.

The guys definitely beat the girls in catching fish this time...  my husband was a fishing BEAST, and it was his first time!  He caught nearly twenty fish, and two were big enough to keep.  My little brother caught four or five, including a good-sized catfish. 

the catfish, biggest one of the day... don't mind his face, it's permanent!  ;)
Uz and the second fish he caught... we threw it back in the pond.

up close and personal!
After almost five hours of fishing, we called it a day. 

little Truffles didn't even make it halfway home before she was out!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Fourth as well!  After we cleaned the three fish we brought home, we quickly showered and made some cookies for an ice cream and cookie party at our church.  It was a lot of fun, and there were SO MANY flavors of ice cream and cookies to try!  We drove out to Edmond and watched some fireworks, and then called it a night.  The traffic was so bad after fireworks that we didn't get home until at least 12:30 AM, so it made for a very long day at work on Thursday...  but so much fun!


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