Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend recap!

Around the world and back again... at least, that's how I feel about this weekend!  I've been all over the city...  Friday night, my husband and I managed to get out and go eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Pepe Delgado's.  He was feeling pretty sickly, but even a sick man has to eat!  We were able to sit at my favorite table...  the one right next to the window facing the street.  What better way to pass a meal than creepily watching people out the window?

Anyway, I got my usual plate, #14:  2 tacos (spicy pork, and dear Lord they are FABULOUS), rice and beans (I usually don't eat but a couple bites because I get so full, but they are wonderful!), and a cheese enchilada.  Friday night they also had tamales as a special, and since my husband is on very friendly terms with the owner, he let us order a veggie tamale a la carte.  It had cabbage, carrots, and some other veggie and it was covered in a green sauce with cheese.  YUM!!  My husband ordered Rajitas...  chicken smothered in a chipotle sauce with cheese, rice and beans, and flour tortillas.  His chicken was so, so, so good.  I kept taking little bites, and he had to fend me off just to finish his meal.  Whoops!

enchilada, two spicy pork tacos, rice and beans
close up of the fantastic pork tacos... mmmm!!
veggie tamale with green sauce and cheese
rajitas (chicken smothered in chipotle sauce), beans, rice

On the way home from our fancy "date night", we made a stop at Target for a popsicle run...  I was craving popsicles, what can I say??  We came home and I crashed while he watched the Thunders vs. Lakers game.
sickly hubs and extremely stuffed wife... maybe I should work out instead of stuff my face!

We weren't able to go out and do the "activity" part of my date because he was feeling so poorly, so I'll save it for the next time we have a date night out.

Saturday I was up early cleaning the house and then off to a baby shower.  No pictures, but it was a lot of fun!  There were cute little outfits for a baby boy, and baby stuff out the wazoo.  Unfortunately, I didn't eat lunch before I came so I was starving...  Thankfully, there were plenty of cupcakes and lemon cake balls to munch on.  The decorations were simply adorable...  almost cute enough to make me want to grow a little behbeh of my own.  Almost... but not quite.

I stopped by my grandma's on the way home to chat for a bit, and ended up being sent home with a box of KFC chicken strips for my sickly man, 2 bags of pecans, and a cutting board in the shape of a pig.  I love stopping by grandma's!

Saturday night I tried to nurse my man back to health.  Really, I just fed him the chicken strips, ate some pizza, took a nap, cleaned the house, and watched Charade with him.  I don't think you can really call it nursing, but I did what I could!

Sunday we got up and managed to go to morning church.  I thought he might have to stay home, but he really wanted to go so I packed him in the car with a box of Kleenex, and off we went.  He looked really cute carrying around his own personal box of Kleenex...  Realllllllly cute.

Sunday afternoon was spent grocery shopping and cleaning the house.  I started our 10 loads of laundry (no, really, it was 10 loads) and our dryer broke halfway through.  So right now our house is covered in laundry trying to dry out.  Also, my dear husband passed on his sick germs, so now I'm sniffling and sneezing with the best of them.  Thanks, babe!  :)

My grocery spoils:
I thought it was going to be a "small shop", but once I did a pantry sweep I figured out that we needed some staples.  Whoops!
new Cheerios flavors!  and some flowers my husband brought home for me on Friday.  I need to arrange them better... can someone take care of that for me??
Fiber One brownies!  So I don't pay $1.00 in the vending machine for one at work.
See that cute little sticky note on the back door?  That's the one that says "ALARM" in big letters that I manage to ignore in the morning.

I did come in a little under budget, but not as much as I thought I would because I bought a lot of pantry staples.  I didn't buy any meat (except some hot dogs for this weekend), so that helped lower the bill.  Also, I spent $13.40 at Wal-Mart for my hair creme (that stuff is like GOLD, people!) and $3.00 for a few packages of toy dinosaurs for my piano students.  Can you spot the dinos?

Sunflower Markets: $72.77
Crest:  $39.60
Neighborhood Wal-Mart:  $31.22

I know it seems like a lot, especially when some people set their "grocery budget" to $75-100 for a 2-person household...  but our grocery budget isn't just food:  it includes personal products (hair, face, body, etc.), household products (TP, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.), and any medicines or miscellaneous products.  So, I'm done validating my grocery and household expenses...  I'm hoping this will help keep me in check... and so far, it's done well!  Knowing that I was going to share my grocery shopping results kept me from throwing random stuff in the cart.  I ended up with $10 extra.  Not nearly as much as I thought, but I'll be happy with $10 extra dollars.  Lunch is on me, guys!

Anyway, today I'll be calling the appliance man to look at our dryer.  I guess I should hold on to that $10 just in case...  I still have a few loads of laundry to do.  I guess I learned my lesson about waiting to do all our laundry at once!  Not smart, y'all, not smart at all!

Oh, by the way, did anyone get a chance to watch this?

Happy Monday morning!

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