Wednesday, May 23, 2012

just checkin' in...

Well, I feel like I'm off to a good start.  I've made pretty good choices today...  So here I am, checking in all official-like.

I stuck with my plan today.  Here's what went down the hatch:
     Breakfast:  egg+egg white, english muffin with a little whipped butter, water, black coffee, nectarine.
     Pre-lunch Snackie:  2/3 c. Dulce de Leche Cheerios
     Lunch:  Salad with 1/2 oz goat cheese, Strawberry Balsamic dressing, spinach/lettuce mix; 1 c. chili; 1/2 c. pineapple; Skinny Cow PB Crisp.
     Post-lunch Snackies:  ~35 pistachios, Brown Cow yogurt

     This morning I did 25 of these tricep exercises with my 5-lb weights before I left for work.  At lunch I took a short walk (~0.6 mi), and around 3 I took a short walk (~0.35 mi).  I did 25 each arm bicep curls with my 5-lb weights, and 25 more tricep exercises. 
     I packed some workout clothes, so when I pick up Bella at my parents' house I can ride their stationary bike for some cardio.  I also plan to throw in 20 push-ups (I am SUCH A WIMP... I hate push-ups) and some other strength training.  Normally I'd want to do some running/walking/jogging intervals, but Wednesday nights are a little rushed because we have Bible Study... so I have to make good with the time I have.  I think tomorrow I'll have a better report!

credit:  Pinterest
 This is what I'm going for:  healthy and fit and STRONG. 

You know, strong.  Like... I AM WOMAN.  HEAR ME ROAR.

Anyway...  see the difference muscle vs. fat makes??  Unbelievable.

For dinner, I'm wrestling up some Mexighetti Bake with broccoli and fruit.  HOPEFULLY I don't get crazy-snackie...  I'm very hungry right now, and my worst time is afternoon/dinner time.  Someone PLEASE take the chips and gummy bears away from me.  Please.  Anyway, I'll probably snack on something after I ride the bike and while I'm cooking dinner.  Something full of beautiful nutrients, of course.  No, really.  That's the plan.

For better or for worse, I'll update tonight or in the morning.  Let's see if I can't finish up Day 1 all nice and pretty-like, hmmm?

UPDATE:  *sigh*  I caved and had a brownie at my mom's before I biked.  So I'm exactly 268 cals over my limit today...  what a brownie is worth.  Oh pooh.  But I still have time to burn some of it off, right?  Here goes nothing!

UPDATE 2:  Well, that brownie turned into another brownie... and then a cookie at Open House...  I ate a great dinner, but was feeling sharp hunger pains around 8:30 PM, so I made some popcorn and split it with my hubs after Bible Study and Promotion Open House.  I used 2 TBS canola oil, 4 TBS corn kernels, and some salt.  I figured it was a whole grain and would keep me full.  I woke up in the morning FAMISHED.  Maybe I'm going through a growth spurt!


  1. Good luck with eating and being healthier! And don't beat yourself up over the brownie - it'll all even out and be good!

    1. if only it was just one brownie... it's usually a brownie... then "just one more"... and maybe a few spoons of chocolate gelato, and I guess I'll have a handful of chips with that... and a couple cookies or reese's! and it gets out of control pretty fast if I'm not on the look out.