Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a first world morning: breakfast: 5-16-2012

I woke up, and it was just one of those days... meaning, I managed to have at least four mini meltdowns by the time I walked out the door.

But as my ever-wise (and smart aleck) husband told me this morning: "those things have already happened... you can't do anything about them, so just start over now."

Um, duh.  And why can't "starting over" include getting back into bed for a few hours??

Anyway, here's what went down.

Thankfully, nothing involved setting off our house alarm.  Thank God.  Although, the day is still young and I have plenty of time to make that mistake too. 

I woke up late.  Jumped in the shower, got cleaned up, put 5 lbs of hair gunk in my hair, and padded into the kitchen to make breakfast.  Big breakfast plans this morning: a Panera inspired breakfast sandwich.

I turned on the skillet, fed the dog, and started to make the egg portion of the sandwich (one egg + one egg white cooked in a pan).  I cut the bread (last of the ciabatta!) into halves and stuck them on the top rack of the oven to broil.  At this point I flipped the egg (pretty successfully, considering I was using an uber-crappy skillet) and started to retrieve the ciabatta when this happened:
yep:  that's the ciabatta at the bottom of the oven... and my oven thermometer.
Mini Meltdown #1.

And then THIS happened:
got a little too close to the broiler when rescuing my renegade ciabatta bread... but thanks to some ice and antibiotic cream, my burn blister is less red and painful! 

Mini Meltdown #2.

I semi-regained control of myself, and we ended up with this:
breakfast: 1 cup of watermelon, breakfast sandwich

sandwich:  ciabatta, spinach/arugula mix, turkey, asiago cheese, egg+egg white, tiny bit of whipped butter

These sandwiches were DELICIOUS.  I'll share the recipe later on. 

My morning didn't get any better...  so let me just complain about some of my first-world problems.  I'll get it out there, and then move right along and have a better day (except for the doctor's appointment... dread, dread, DREAD!)

My dress that I just picked up from the cleaners had a big stain on the front of it.  I managed to scrub it off (mostly) and wore it anyway...  I need something easy to just slip into and not worry about having to do anything matchy-matchy.
similar to this, only not see-through and it comes to the knees (credit:
Mini Meltdown #3.

My hair curled weird.  Like, really weird.  Half of it is stringy-straight and the other half is super fuzzy like it didn't get any product applied to it.  So I ended up pulling it into a ponytail and sticking a headband in...  and I'm already getting a headache.

Mini Meltdown #4.

And in other news... the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom is a mess and I'm behind in laundry.  The sink is full-to-the-brim with dirty dishes and that stresses me out.  I'm anxious about my doctor's appointment.  My weight was up today (darn you, Russell Stover chocolates!  and you, peanut butter and chocolate gelato!)

I brought my own cup to our work coffee shop today, and they still charged me full price instead of a discount for BYOCup.  They were completely out of my favorite kind of coffee, and only had enough of the other kind to fill half my cup.  So I paid $1.94 for half a cup of coffee that I don't even like.

So there are some of my first-world problems.  Nothing tragic, I know, but sometimes little things can build up and make you feel like you're experiencing the apocalypse.  I realize that these are all minor little things and hopefully my day will start to look up.  I mean, I've got a lot to catch up on after schmoozing all last night (I'm looking at YOU, dirty sink!).

So I'll just sit here, sip on my too-strong-lukewarm-half-cup of coffee, and get control of my day.  I'm such a blessed and lucky gal... I really have no reason to complain!

I'm thankful for...
     1.  Good health insurance, so that I can go to my dreaded doctor's appointment.
     2.  A house with enough "stuff" to make it messy...  a closet with so many clothes that I feel like laundry is always looming...  a kitchen so well stocked that I can't find anything in the fridge when I'm in a hurry.
     3.  My little family and my extended family (parents, little bro, grandparents, in-laws).
     4.  My job.
     5.  Having a little extra spending money available when we just need to go out and eat instead of cook at home, if only to save my sanity (because you know, when Mama ain't happy... NOBODY'S happy.)
     6.  The 12 flavors of gelato that I can pick through at home when I'm having a cruddy day.
     7.  My comfy bed.
     8.  Coffee.  Even too strong coffee.
     9.  A husband who will take care of some of the chores so I can go soak in the bathtub for half an hour.
     10. The very last of my Burberry "Summer" perfume.  YUM.

What are you thankful for today?

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