Tuesday, July 10, 2012

man food. sort of.

Over the weekend, we had some man food.  Sort of. 

By man food, I mean we had pizza and wings.  By "sort of", I mean we had veggie Italian pizza and wings.  My husband informed me that "man food" pizza would have been a meatbusters pizza.  I'm sure that's quite true, so I guess our pizza isn't quite man food...  but it's close enough, right?  Right?!?

Anyway, I used the Pillsbury thin crust.  Preheated at 500 deg F while I chopped up some onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, and mozzarella.  I sprayed the pizza crust with some olive oil spray and baked for a few minutes until lightly golden.  Spread tomatoes first, then all the other veggies.  Top with cheese (we used a mixture of sliced provologne, fresh mozzarella chunks, and shaved parmesan).  Bake until melty and golden.

I had bought the wings on sale at Sunflower Market, so all we had to do for those was stick them in the oven at 500 deg F for a few minutes, flip once, and eat when they're hot!  EASY AS PIE.  Only there was no pie.  Sad times.

We approximated the wings at 85 calories each, and 1/8 of the pizza (the slice pictured) as 204 calories.  Blame it on the excess of cheese.  Later, I had another slice as a snack.  The best way to reheat pizza for a snack is to stick it on a pie pan and bake at a hot temperature until it's warmed up...  no more gooey or hard-as-rock crust!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

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