Friday, May 11, 2012

a well-armed home.

Our casita is very well-armed.

You see, we got an alarm system put in a couple weeks ago.  It works great.  In fact, we can't help setting it off ourselves half the time!  Let me clue you in to some of the madness that takes place in our little home.

Tuesday morning, I set out the crockpot to make some crockpot buffalo chicken.  I left in such a hurry, I forgot to turn it on.  Luckily, my dad was still at his house about to leave for work.  My house is on the way to work, so I texted and asked if he would stop by and turn on the crockpot for me. 

I explained how to turn the alarm off three or four times.  I figured it was pretty simple; my dad is a smart guy, no way he will screw this up.

I know that you know where this is going...

A few minutes later, I get a frantic call from my dad.  I hear the alarm blaring in the background, and he's all sorts of upset because he can't figure out to OPEN the dang alarm pad.  After a few seconds (but it seems like half an hour), he gets it open and then can't remember the code to turn it off.  While I'm on the phone with him trying to "defuse" the situation, the alarm company calls me and leaves a message.  I guess they called my husband immediately following that, because my desk phone starts ringing.  I answer and my husband has no idea what's going on, so I just let him know it's my dad that set off the alarm.  He tells the alarm company it's all clear for me.  My dad gets back on the phone and lets me know the crockpot is on and he's leaving the house.

Obviously, the alarm is a little tricky.

That's only Day One. 

In the mornings, I usually take care of little Bella.  I feed her and then let her out.  I've been sticking a Post-It note to the back door in the mornings to remind myself to turn off the alarm before I let her outside.  Wednesday morning, I was in such a sleepy state, that I completely ignored the Post-It note and opened the door.  The alarm starts blaring and scared me half to death!  I jumped and screamed, and my husband jumped out of bed half-asleep.  I run to the alarm pad to turn it off, and then my cell phone starts ringing.  I answer and let the alarm company know everything is OK. 

I stuck another Post-It note to the door.  I will NOT be doing that again!

And then Thursday.  Blessed Thursday.  We were doing so well.  The alarm had not been set off accidentally all day.  I thought we were through with that mess.  It's 10:30 PM and I'm laying in bed trying to sleep.  My husband has his lamp on and is reading something on his iPad.  I looked over and saw a bug on the wall.  I asked him to kill the bug... no way I can sleep peacefully knowing there's a nasty bug crawling on the walls of my bedroom.

In my mind, the bug looked like this:
monster insect:  credit to
In reality, it looked like this:
real-life insect:  credit to
My husband, God bless the brave man, picked up a shoe and SMACKED the wall with it.  As soon as he hit the wall, the alarm starts blaring.

Yes, my husband set off our house alarm by killing an insect on the wall with a shoe.  Try explaining that to the alarm company when they call and keeping a straight face.

I think I will be on a first-name basis with the employees at the alarm company at this rate.  And I think they kind of enjoy our explanations for setting off the alarm...  at least we're original.  We set off the alarm with style.

Let's recap.
1.  Tuesday:  Dad can't figure out how to open the keypad.
2.  Wednesday:  Wife ignores helpful Post-It note reminding her to turn off the alarm.  At 6 in the morning.
3.  Thursday:  Husband kills enormous insect on the wall and sets off the window alarms.

It can only get better from here on out...  right?

To sign off, I'll leave you with an outfit post for the day.  Sorry it's blurry, but I was using my iPhone to get it.  Also, pretty-please excuse the bathroom-mirror picture...  My husband had left for work so it was all up to me to get this photo taken. 

 Have a lovely Friday!


  1. I love this outfit on you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. thanks Bonnie! hopefully I can get some better pictures going in the future. I'm glad you stopped by!