Tuesday, May 15, 2012

summer 2012 bucket list

I've got big plans this summer.

Actually, every summer, I come up with big plans and a huge bucket list.  Inevitably, I don't get to cross everything off my list... but this year, I'd like to try and blog about everything I do have a chance to cross off my bucket list.

2012 Bucket List

1.  Ride the canal boats downtown.
2.  Stop by 42nd Street Candy Shoppe and taste something.
3.  Eat outside at The Wedge (eating inside does NOT count!)
4.  Go fishing.
5.  Have a picnic.  Outside.  Not in the living room.
6.  Read 30 books from the new library. (So far: 10 down)
7.  Take a chocolate class with a friend.
8.  Jog 5K.
9.  Organize our office.
10. Organize our guest bedroom.
11. Organize our laundry room.
12. Deep clean the house.
13. Work on art for the living room.
14. Go somewhere.  Anywhere.
15. Make my closet look like this: The Lookbook's Closet
16. Have a "themed" date night (like, French date night or Animal Safari date night).
17. Star Wars movie marathon with my husband and lots of popcorn.
18. Go out on a boat.
19. Water ski and water tube.
20. Try to make a complicated dessert.
21. Eat somewhere in The Paseo.
22. Go to the Paseo Arts Festival.
23. Volunteer somewhere.
24. Visit the farmer's market.
25. Make cupcakes from scratch.
26. Paint the outdoor dining furniture.
27. Host an "end of summer" fiesta.
28. Have a crab boil.
29. Grill corn outside.
30. Perform at least one RAK each week.

Of course I'll be adding to the list as I think of things...  and I realize that I'm probably not going to accomplish everything (numbers 9, 10, 11, 12... I'm lookin' at YOU).  But as I complete things on the list I will make sure to update you all...  with pictures to prove it really happened.  I know you're all hanging onto every word and will check back in daily to see what's new... right?!

Summer is...

lake time!
pool time
grillin' out!
watermelon... anytime, all the time. (credit: http://ilovedonutsandwatermelon.tumblr.com)
fireworks on the Fourth of July.
<3 our first wedding anniversary <3
What all do you have planned?  Any ideas to add to my bucket list?  Please share in the comments section!


  1. Hahah, I was just going to mention that everything on your list looks super-fun but you should skip 9-12 in lieu of more interesting pursuits! ;o) Your pup is beautiful!

    1. oh, but it needs to be done! I keep hoping a magic fairy will drop in and *POOF!* ... but so far, it hasn't happened.